Winesong at Riverfest This WEEKEND!

Grapes for Wine from the Vineyard

Check it out! I think it’s going to be fun!

Winesong at Riverfest This WEEKEND!

A link for those of you wine drinkers that have a free Saturday. It’s from 4-8pm, $15 for 10 wine samplings!!! Wow, if that doesn’t sound like a boozefest, I don’t know what does!

Wine Tastings in KC

Delicious Wine

Here are some wine tastings in the KC area! I really want to try some of them, when I do I’ll let you know!


10 Things to Remove from Your Resume


Click the image to go to the Web page.

This article is really nice because it’s to the point and it gives you a brief explanation on why these things should be removed. The one thing that I don’t agree with taking off your resume is stating your ability with Microsoft Office. I don’t know how many employers still ask me this question even though it’s clearly stated on my resume. Everything else is I think is good and pretty accurate. 

$200 million Mission Gateway project ready to lift off with Wal-Mart store –

$200 million Mission Gateway project ready to lift off with Wal-Mart store –

This is really cool! The large space in Mission that’s been bare since the demolishing of the Mission Mall is finally coming together. It’s going to include a Wal-Mart (not surprised) and an aquarium! Very cool, I was very excited to read this. I think it will be a great addition to Mission and also be able to create some jobs in that area.

Organizational charts…….in a funny way.

Funny Organizational Charts

Love the illustration for Microsoft....

This is a funny visual of the different organizational structures. But there’s more! I like this article because it briefly gives you a look into a company’s structure. He also asks a couple of questions that I’m curious to know. I have learned about these structures in pretty much a majority of my college courses. I find it interesting on how different organizations can be. I work at a family owned company, and their organizational chart is very hierarchical. I would say our customers are pretty important, but I wouldn’t say the organization puts them first in the hierarchy. You know exactly the person that you report to. No if’s and’s or but’s. So, I’m curious to see what kind of structure your current firm/company uses. Here are the 2 questions:

1) Is your company’s organizational structure easy to for everyone to understand?

2) Where is the customer in that chart? 

All answers are welcome! I appreciate the time you took to answer them!!!!

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